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BTR-80 Conversions


 SP276 - BTR-80R-439BK1 Sat Commo       FOR TRUMPETER KIT ONLY!



SP288 BTR-80 correct upper hull engine hatches for Trumpeter kits.



SP292 Iraqi BTR-80UP uparmored conversion - One Piece Upper Hull.  For Trumpeter kits only.


BTR-80 Wheels - These wheels were 3D modeled and 3D printed to give them the correct tread pattern, correct size, and correct profile (they have the proper bulge to the side walls).


 SP237 - BTR-80 wheel set - Open Hub - KI-80N

 OOP when SOLD OUT!  $17.00


 SP238 - BTR-80 wheel set - Closed Hub - KI-80N

 OOP when SOLD OUT!  $17.00


 SP239 - BTR-80A wheel set KI-126

 OOP when SOLD OUT!  $18.00


 SP284 BTR-80A wheels for Trumpeter kit.



 SP287 BTR-80 road wheels with open hub



 SP289 BTR-80 road wheels with closed hub