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Help - F.A.Q.'s:

Shipping:  Charges are currently estimates as we get used to a more automated system.  Excessive overcharges will be refunded as orders are shipped and costs are calculated.  We will be refining shipping as time allows to make it more streamlined.  ALSO, if you prefer to have items shipped from Ukraine, E-MAIL Ukraine about this BEFORE you order.  If there are differences in shipping cost, they will be dealt with after your order is placed.

Future kits:  Sergej is working on a number of new kits at any given moment.  Contact us with any suggestions, but at the moment he is backlogged.  We will make announcements on the Welcome page.

Out of stock items:  We are trying to get the Paypal system to not allow the sale of items Out of Stock since we are no longer manually listing inventory on the pages.  We ask for your patience as we work with this and we will get it right one way or the other.  It looks to be working, though a bit cumbersome, and the continue shopping page is not sending you directly to the SAAMMODELS webpage. 

Kit parts/Special Orders:  We do sell just parts of kits.  Contact us with your request and we will help you as soon as we can.  Some pieces may be Out of Production and some pieces may have to be cast up and shipped out from Ukraine, so individual part/special orders may take some time.